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What to take to the beach

Water at the BeachLots of Water- The aver­age adult requires 8 full glasses of water each day as recom­men­ded by doc­tors every­where. This num­ber increases when lying out in the sun. A good tip is to bring a gal­lon of water and a couple water bottles. That way you can keep one water bottle in the cool­er and not have to waste valu­able cool­er space.

Good Sun­screen- While many of us remem­ber to bring the sun­screen, often is the case of when we return home that even­ing, we are sur­prised that we some­how still have a bit of a sun­burn. Make sure you know which SPF suits you.

Umbrella- An umbrella is a per­fect way to keep the kids from hav­ing to endure all that sun­light.

Extra Blanket- It is always a good idea I find, to bring a large blanket with you to the beach. That way the beach tow­els can be used for dry­ing off and you won’t have to worry about wet, sticky sand. Blankets are usu­ally heav­ier than tow­els and it will be easi­er to keep the blanket on the ground rather than blow­ing down the Grand Strand.

Jug of WaterJug of water for sandy feet ‑Do you ever find your­self return­ing from a long day at the beach just to get into the car with half the beach with you? Keep a jug of water in the trunk so you can wash off those sandy feet before you enter the car. There are park­ing lots that have feet wash sta­tions, but guess what, those park­ing lots usu­ally have sand in them! So it does no good.

Change of clothes- How many times have you returned to your car only to have 5 semi-wet people climb­ing in? With a quick change of clothes kept in the trunk, noth­ing more than some ath­let­ic shorts

Chairs- For those who prefer to be on the beach just not ON the beach, a beach chair is a great com­pan­ion.

Radio- A good way to drown out those annoy­ing beach neigh­bors of yours, is the help­ful little com­pan­ion known as the radio. Wheth­er it’s an ipod ste­reo or just a clas­sic little boom box, the radio light­ens the mood of the whole party. Just remem­ber to be respect­ful of your neigh­bors.

Lots of Enter­tain­ment- Bring foot­balls, bocce balls, Fris­bees and any oth­er game activ­it­ies the whole fam­ily can enjoy. A fam­ily that plays togeth­er, stays togeth­er.

Book or Magazine- Maybe a ref­er­ence guide on what kind of shells there are? Or if you just want to relax, bring some light read­ing mater­i­al.

First Aid Kit- It’s always best to keep a little first aid kit either in your car or with you at the beach. You’ll be sur­prised at how handy that will be.

Beach BinocularsBin­ocu­lars- Often there are times where you are on the beach look­ing out toward the ocean and someone asks you “what is that?” point­ing to a small blip in the dis­tance. How nice would it be to be able to tell them? Well with a cheap pair of bin­ocu­lars, you could tell them.

Flip-flops- Flip-flops are vital for that trans­ition from the hot sand to the not as hot sand as you trek towards that watery abyss. Bring them and you won’t regret it. It’s nev­er fun to remove shoes and then try to put them back on with sandy wet feet.

Sunglasses- Now this may seem like a no-brain­er, but to those who don’t wear sunglasses reg­u­larly, you may for­get this handy little item.

Boo­gie Board - there is no one on the Earth who does­n’t like to catch a wave. There is no easi­er way then to take a boo­gie board along with you.

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