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What to take on a Moun­tain Climb

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- water­proof jack­et
- fleece jump­er
- long john top and bot­toms (at least 1 pair a day)
- tshirts
- shorts
- thick woolen socks
- water­proof pants
- scarf
- gloves
- woolen gloves for back at the hut
- bean­ie
- polypro sleeve for face
- 1 pair of undies per day
- hat
- san­dals for wear­ing inside the hut
Climb­ing items:
- hel­met
- maps
- water­bottle or camel pack (hardy)
- cram­pons
- boots
- gaiters
- ice axe with har­ness
- har­ness and rope
- cara­bin­ers and little rope
- hat and sunglasses
Safety gear (not every­one has to bring this):
- Bivy bag
- Moun­tain spade (for dig­ging out snow caves or ava­lanches)
- GPS (maps or guid­ance)
- sil­ver emer­gency blanket
Oth­er Essen­tial Items:
- plastic bags for dirty clothes
- cards (500 pack)
- head torch with new bat­ter­ies
- sunglasses (ser­i­ously, dont for­get these)
- sleep­ing bag and inner bag
- pil­low (inflat­able one)
- Sleep­ing mat
- Speak­er and cable (charge before you go)
- iphone­cell­phone and head­phones
- wal­let and cell­phone and money
- pen and note­pad
- cam­era
- books
- Can of Mon­ster energy
- knife
Cook­ing gear:
- MSR or gas cook­er, gas or white spir­its
- Pot, pan, sieve, wooden spoon
- Utensils, plate, bowl and cup
- Oil, salt, dish wash­ing liquid
- light­er
- pegs and seal bags
- tooth brush and tooth paste
- deodor­ant
- sham­poo and soap
- sun­screen
- lub­ric­ant for the feet (e.g. vasalene)
- plasters for blisters
- lip balm for cracked lips
Spare clothes for when you get back to the car:
- jump­er
- spare undies
- pants and belt
- shirts
- socks and shoes
- swim wear and tow­el (for the spa pools etc)
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