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What to bring to a date

1. First and fore­most you must have all of the neces­sary items for a date in ref­er­ence to cash. Bring your wal­let (guys) or purse (girls) to ensure that any­thing that needs to be pur­chased can be regard­less of who is or isn’t tra­di­tion­ally sup­posed to pay.

2. Remem­ber the mod­ern age of tele­com­mu­nic­a­tion that we live in demands that you bring your cell phone with you every­where in case of emer­gency, etc. As a cour­tesy, if you do bring on a date your cell phone, turn it to silent or vibrate so the ring does­n’t inter­rupt you in the middle of a inter­est­ing con­ver­sa­tion.

3. Like it or not, folks you need to be pre­pared to bring con­doms or oth­er pro­tect­ive mater­i­als on a date. Even if you don’t believe it will hap­pen it is still a good idea to bring on a date just in case the mood and moment strikes the both of you.

4. If you must, or if it is just the type of per­son you are, bring a flower or some­thing that you know that shell will like. You don’t have to bring on a date any­thing in terms of a gift if you don’t want to, but it may get you on the good side right away.

5. For the love of all things holy, bring the best pos­sible ver­sion of you on a date. Nobody wants to be with some pathet­ic loser that had a hor­rible day at work and does­n’t want to talk. Leave those things at home and have a good time, it is prob­ably exactly what you need!

6. Be pre­pared to bring on a date a few things that will help you deal with whatever the weath­er con­di­tions may be at the time. An umbrella, heavy coat, or the like will help you avoid look­ing your worst phys­ic­ally and act­ing your worst men­tally or emo­tion­ally.

7. Ensure that if you are going some­where that requires iden­ti­fic­a­tion or tick­ets or the like that you have those things pre­pared in advance. Noth­ing is worse than get­ting to your des­tin­a­tion and real­iz­ing you must go home first or, even worse, find some­thing else to do.

8. For both parties in the date make sure that you (in your car or in your pock­et, etc.) have some­thing to write with and some­thing to write on. You will need to arrange a second date or exchange num­bers or some­thing some­time on the date, so be pre­pared to bring these things on a date.

9. When think­ing of things to bring on a date, don’t for­get about the per­son­al things like your trust and hon­esty. You can only trust someone so much right away, so don’t com­mit to too much too early, but at the same time be as hon­est as pos­sible. This would be much easi­er to not have to say this, but the truth is the truth!

10. The final thing to bring on a date? Hon­est and real expect­a­tions. Don’t expect too much phys­ic­al con­tact, but don’t expect noth­ing at all either. Under­stand that every date is dif­fer­ent and this could be the best of your life or the worst…just go!

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