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The good, the bad and the ugly — Aus­tralia

• Driv­ing from Adelaide to Hay in cent­ral Aus­tralia is all up hill
• Gradu­ated speed lim­its mean you could be driv­ing in city at 40kmh and on open road at 110kmh. It’s must safer than NZ but much busier. Des­pite more traffic, there are rarely the kinds of traffic jams we see in NZ.
• I only saw one kangaroo but it was dead
• Aus­trali­an cows don’t care about cars at all and will not move off the road under any cir­cum­stances
• there are 4.6 mil­lion people in Sydney, more than the whole of NZ
• If you get lost, there are so many motor way on and off ramps that you can find your way again with­in 2 minutes from any­where
• Kiwis can trans­fer their driver’s license to get an AU license with only an eye test and $163
• Tolls every­where. You have to buy a digit­al device you put in your car. Tolls don’t cost much.
• There are parks every­where and kids play­grounds have fea­tures like Dis­ney­land
• There are res­id­en­tial apart­ments which are like Dis­ney­land or Spring break with massive swim­ming pools and play­grounds etc.
• Apple products are much cheap­er in Aus­tralia
• They have SYFY chan­nel on Fox­tel, you can watch TV epis­odes on iTunes and lots more con­tent
• The nick­name for Aus­tralia is COSTRALIA because the Govt has figured out a way to charge for everything. You have to pay 3% of the value of your car to change the own­er­ship. It’s called stamp duty. You pay the same on a house! It’s called OH MY GOD TAX!
• You can buy insur­ance from a super­mar­ket
• You are con­sidered a young dan­ger­ous driver until you are 30!

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