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Ver­sion 2 : Would you rather ques­tions for a date

1. Would you rather…
Have legs as long as your fin­gers?
Have fin­gers as long as your legs?

2. Would you rather…
Have a dragon?
Or be a dragon?

3. Would you rather…
Be sexu­ally attrac­ted to fruit?
Or have dor­rito dust per­man­ently stuck on your fin­gers?

4. Would you rather…
Nev­er have to worry about money?
Or live in a world with Poke­mon?

5. Would you rather…
Be the BEST tiddly­winks play­er in the world?
Or find $500 on the street?

6. Would you rather…
Speak any lan­guage flu­ently?
Or be able to talk to anim­als?

7. Would you rather…
Not have sex with a goat, and have every­one think you had sex with a goat?
Or have sex with a goat, but no one will ever find out?

8. Would you rather have balls hang from your chin or have a five-inch tail that wags every time you get excited?

9. Would you rather…
Eat a pinecone?
Or poop a pinecone?

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