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Top 10 Valentines day Ideas

No.10: Home is Where the Heart Is


Top 10 Valentine's Date Ideas
Stay­ing in to watch movies and play games is per­fect for two home­bod­ies

If you and your honey are home­bod­ies, hunker down and watch movies and eat pop­corn or play a game — some of the most fun games are just for two, and the win­ner can get their rewards in kisses!

 No.9: Shower Them with Sug­ar


Top 10 Valentine's Date Ideas
Sweets for your sweetie

Wheth­er it’s bak­ing some heart-shaped treats your­self, buy­ing chocol­ate-covered cupids, or tak­ing your dream date out for dessert, the old expres­sion “sweets for my sweet” is all about shower­ing that spe­cial someone with sug­ar.

No.8: I Think We’re Alone Now


Top 10 Valentine's Date Ideas
Being alone can be the most romantic date of all

Get away from the crowds to steal some alone-time with your Valentine. Go for a walk off the beaten path or find that aban­doned bit of beach so you can con­spire with your cutie.

No.7: Shop Til You Drop


Top 10 Valentine's Date Ideas
The best part of Valentine’s shop­ping is pick­ing out out­fits for each oth­er

Some­times love does come with a pricetag. If you can spoil your sweet­heart by spend­ing the day (and some cash) on them, shop­ping can be a great way to bond over how beau­ti­ful you find them – no mat­ter what they’re wear­ing.

No.6: Bring On the Rom-Com!


Top 10 Valentine's Date Ideas
Watch a romantic com­edy like Six­teen Candles to see the funny side of love this Valentine’s!

You’ll exper­i­ence movie magic when you take your honey to see a romantic com­edy. It’s a great oppor­tun­ity to snuggle up close and share some laughs.

No.5:  Sporty Sweet­hearts


Top 10 Valentine's Date Ideas
If you and your honey are act­ive people, skat­ing might be just your speed

Skat­ing with your snow­bunny (or sail­ing if it’s nice) can be a lively way to show that you enjoy doing just about everything with them.

No.4: Plan A Pic­nic


Top 10 Valentine's Date Ideas
You can feed each oth­er straw­ber­ries and sip on lem­on­ade in the park

Plan­ning a pic­nic for two in the park can reignite the romantic spark between two love­birds. All you need is a bas­ket, a blanket and some snacks!

No.3: Table For Two?


Top 10 Valentine's Date Ideas
Dress up and go out for din­ner (unlike Enchanted, you will have seen pizza before!)

Going for din­ner means you and your sweetie can get dolled up and hit the town.  A no muss, no fuss way to spend an even­ing – but remem­ber, res­taur­ants book up fast for Valentine’s, so pick up the phone today!

No.2: Travel Back In Time — To Your First Date!


Kate and Leopold
Re enact your very first date — for Kate and Leo­pold, they lit­er­ally had to travel back in time!

If you and your Valentine have been togeth­er a long time then recre­at­ing your first date can be ultra romantic — show­ing you remem­ber exactly how you felt when you first met.

No.1: Make A Candlelit Din­ner


courtesy of Disney
A candlelit din­ner for your cutie is a clas­sic date (just look at Lady and the Tramp)

The way to the heart is through the stom­ach, or so they say. Mak­ing a romantic candlelit din­ner for just you and your bf/​gf is the ulti­mate Valentine’s Day Date. You pick the music and make their favour­ite dish.

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