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Tack­ling your mas­culin­ity: 8 steps

Cer­tain activ­it­ies encour­age your mas­cu­line to thrive much more than oth­ers.

Pro­fes­sion­al box­ers have spe­cif­ic habits that they imple­ment in the moments lead­ing up to a fight that get them in peak men­tal con­di­tion to win. And I would wager (the sci­ence is still out on this par­tic­u­lar example) that fight­ers who shad­ow­box to their favour­ite AC/​DC song are going to fair bet­ter than the oppon­ent that is play­ing gui­tar and singing lul­la­bies.

By encour­aging your mas­cu­line energy to grow you will feel increased drive, focus, libido, and will find your­self over­com­ing chal­lenges in your life like you nev­er thought pos­sible.

Here are eight power­ful exer­cises to increase your mas­cu­line energy.

Backside of muscular black man

1. Work Out In A Chal­len­ging Way

An intense workout filled with heavy weights, body weight exer­cises, and dif­fer­ent forms of chal­len­ging your body will put you into your mas­cu­line faster than almost any­thing else.

Vig­or­ous exer­cise gives you an endorph­in rush, a boost of testoster­one pro­duc­tion, and allows you to sweat out all of your stresses. It’s good for your health, sex drive, and self-esteem.

Focus on com­pound and body weight exer­cises (squats, dead lifts, pull ups, pushups) for max­im­um mas­cu­line energy.

2. Assume The Pos­i­tion

When you phys­ic­ally do some­thing, your mind fol­lows. For example, when you smile a big goofy smile it gives your brain a small surge of dopam­ine (happy chem­ic­als).

Try this exer­cise for a surge of mas­cu­line energy into your blood stream.

Stare with com­plete focus at some­thing (a wall, a photo, or into a part­ners eyes if you want a real chal­lenge) in an aggress­ive way. Squint your eyes, fur­row your brow ridge, flare your nos­trils a bit, let your breath­ing pick up it’s pace some­what… do everything that feels nat­ur­al when you go for the aggressive/​intimidating set of emo­tions in your body.

Then, once you’ve done this, start growl­ing in a low, stom­ach rum­bling way. Subtle is bet­ter here. You’re not growl­ing like a ter­rit­ori­al dog, but more like a boat engine that’s just start­ing up.

In the status hier­archy of a tribe of lions, it is the attack­ing lion that makes much more noise than the tri­bal lead­er. The tri­bal lead­er is secure in his pos­i­tion and there­fore doesn’t need to put forth as much effort to intim­id­ate. So less is more.

masculine energy man punched in face

3. Fight

Testoster­one is the sex and aggres­sion hor­mone. So what bet­ter way to get a rush of it then to con­sciously prac­tice aggres­sion.

(Dummy dis­claim­er: I’m not say­ing you should go out and fight people who are unwill­ing. Con­trolled envir­on­ments only.)

I am an advoc­ate of every self-suf­fi­cient man (per­son really, but I’m talk­ing to the guys here) tak­ing some kind of mar­tial art or self defence class in order to be able to phys­ic­ally pro­tect him­self in case of emer­gency. I don’t think it’s healthy to live in the men­tal world where you assume that you will have to defend your­self and that you shouldn’t trust oth­ers… but being pre­pared in the event of need­ing to defend your­self adds to a man’s gen­er­al sense of con­fid­ence with how he car­ries him­self.

Short of fight­ing in a con­trolled envir­on­ment, throw­ing punches/​elbows/​knees at an ima­gin­ary oppon­ent (some­times referred to as shad­ow­box­ing) can also give you a boost of mas­cu­line energy.

Per­son­ally, one of my favour­ite ways to get into an insta-mas­cu­line mind­set is to throw a few elbows at an ima­gined assail­ant while growl­ing with each one. I do this before I hit the stage at live speak­ing events, do any video work, or even go on dates. The sub­text of this motion is anchored in my mind to “You are going to kill this! Now go get it!”

4. Have Guys Only Time

Some­thing magic­al hap­pens when you are exclus­ively in the com­pany of oth­er men. You soak up each oth­ers ener­gies and inspire each other’s mas­cu­line energy.

I believe that this is one of the reas­ons that gangs, frats, and pickup artist lairs have done as well as they have over the past couple of dec­ades… it gives men a socially accept­able con­struct through which they are allowed to be around oth­er men and not have it seem strange.

If you feel like your mas­cu­line bat­ter­ies need rechar­ging, hanging out in the com­pany of oth­er men with no females in sight will do won­ders for you.

(Per­son­al note: I have atten­ded five mens retreats in the last cal­en­dar year and I left each one feel­ing more ful­filled than the last. I was abso­lutely buzz­ing with drive and dir­ec­tion­al­ity. You don’t know how sorely your mas­cu­line energy craves oth­er mas­cu­line sources until you have exper­i­enced it for your­self on a reg­u­lar basis.)

masculine energy

5. Take On Chal­lenges (But Don’t Neces­sar­ily Win)

Build­ing mas­cu­line energy through chal­lenge works much in the same that self-esteem is built in our minds.

You build self-esteem not by neces­sar­ily win­ning or suc­ceed­ing in your chal­len­ging moments, but just the fact that you tried to chal­lenge your­self tells your brain that you believe your­self worthy and cap­able of being chal­lenged in the first place.

The same goes for build­ing mas­cu­line energy. Just the fact that you tried to bench press your body weight or that you tried to accom­plish a goal by a cer­tain dead­line tells your mas­cu­line mind that you believe your­self worthy of such chal­lenges.

So set goals, and run after them. Wheth­er you suc­ceed or not is sec­ond­ary to the fact that you are out there doing some­thing.

6. Refrain From Ejac­u­la­tion

I wrote about this extens­ively a few weeks ago.

Like a poor man who has a source of income who stops spend­ing money, over time his bank account starts to swell.

Sim­il­arly, if you refrain from ejac­u­la­tion as often as you likely do now then your sexu­al mas­cu­line energy will start to build up with­in your body.

The res­ults of this can be astound­ing to the unini­ti­ated. Ser­i­ously. Don’t ejac­u­late for a week and go to the gym (or phys­ic­ally be around your partner/​a woman that you are attrac­ted to) and you can feel the deep mas­cu­line energy cours­ing through your veins. It’s one of the most power­ful sources of energy avail­able to you.

Each time that I have been in the most cre­at­ive phase of fin­ish­ing off one of my books I have refrained from ejac­u­la­tion more than once per week. Is it chal­len­ging at times? Def­in­itely. Is it worth it? Abso­lutely.

7. Unplug (Espe­cially At This Spe­cif­ic Time)

I recently had a cli­ent who was a sleep expert (he stud­ied and gave lec­tures on humans sleep pat­terns). He said that among the dif­fer­ent reas­ons that we have worse sleep­ing habits com­pared to a hun­dred years ago, by far the worst cul­prit was elec­tric light.

If you haven’t already heard, star­ing into your cell phone/​tablet/​computer right before bed does a lot to mess up your sleep pat­terns. And since testoster­one is pro­duced exclus­ively while you sleep, it isn’t that hard to ima­gine that dis­rup­ted sleep means dis­rup­ted mas­cu­line energy.

So unplug from your cell phone and com­puter as often as pos­sible… espe­cially with­in the two hour range before you go to bed.

8. Slow Down (The Thick Honey Exer­cise)

Fem­in­ine energy is con­stant motion. It is ever-chan­ging and always flu­id.

Mas­cu­line energy is the still­ness and same­ness in all things. It is con­sist­ency.

To tap into your mas­cu­line energy, sit down with your eyes closed in a com­fort­able place and breathe deeply into your belly. If you have the urge to move at all (to scratch your nose, for example) do it as slowly as pos­sible. Let it take ten seconds for your hand to travel from your lap to your face. Move as if mov­ing through thick honey. Do this exer­cise for 2–5 minutes and see how you feel after­wards.

This is and excel­lent ground­ing exer­cise that will help you ‘land’ in your body in a mas­cu­line way very effi­ciently.

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