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Travel reverse buck­et list

Extreme ski­ing in Wyom­ing.

Cliff camp­ing.

Sky­walk­ing in the Alps.

Climb­ing Red­woods.

Sit­ting on the Troll­tunga rock in Nor­way.

Jump­ing on the Troll­tunga rock in Nor­way.

Rock climb­ing in South Africa.

Ice climb­ing a frozen water­fall.

Extreme pic­nick­ing.

Sky­walk­ing on Mount Nim­bus in Canada.

Tree camp­ing in Ger­many.

Just hav­ing a look around.

Extreme kayak­ing at Vic­tor­ia Falls .

Diving 30 meters through a rock mono­lith in Por­tugal.

Climb­ing Mt. Wel­ling­ton.

Cyc­ling in Nor­way.

Sit­ting around at Yosemite.

Walk­ing over a crevice.

Gla­ci­er board­ing any­where.

Bik­ing on the Cliffs of Moher.

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