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How to Set Up a Pixel­mon Serv­er on Win­dows

Pixel­mon brings poke­mon and Mine­craft togeth­er allow­ing you to start your pixel­mon jour­ney of cap­tur­ing Poke­mon while sur­viv­ing the world of Mine­craft.

Set­ting up the serv­er


Down­load Forge Installer

The first step to get­ting Pixel­mon going is to down­load the forge installer, forge is a dif­fer­ent type of serv­er that will allow us to play the pixel­mon mod.

The Forge installer has two parts to it, the serv­er and the cli­ent though it comes as one installer so you only need the one file.

To down­load the Forge installer head to http://​files​.mine​craft​forge​.net/

If you are on a Win­dows Oper­at­ing Sys­tem you can down­load the Win­dows installer oth­er­wise for any oth­er OS just down­load the reg­u­lar Installer which is a cross plat­form .jar file.


Install Forge Serv­er

Run the Forge installer that you down­loaded in the pre­vi­ous step, you will be shown a screen ask­ing wheth­er you want to install the serv­er or the cli­ent and where you want to install to.

Firstly we want to install the serv­er so we will select “Install Serv­er” the we need to select a dir­ect­ory where we want our serv­er to be installed, in my case I have selec­ted a new folder in the C drive called “My Pixel­mon Serv­er”

After this is done click ok and the Forge Serv­er will be down­loaded and installed.


Down­load Pixel­mon

The next step is to down­load the Pixel­mon Mod, to do this head over to http://​www​.pixel​mon​mod​.com/​d​o​w​n​l​o​a​d​s​.​php and down­load the latest ver­sion, in this case we do not want the launch­er, we just want the mod, you can use the launch­er for the cli­ent side but we want the mod file for the serv­er side.


Install Pixel­mon mod to the serv­er

The next step is to add the Pixel­mon mod to the serv­er, to do this we need to copy the .jar file we just down­loaded and paste it in the mods folder of our serv­er dir­ect­ory, the mods folder may need to be cre­ated manu­ally by going to New Folder and nam­ing it “mods” in all lower­case.


Set­ting up the serv­er

Set­ting up the serv­er is the same pro­cess as set­ting up a stand­ard mine­craft serv­er, you have to accept the eula to get the serv­er run­ning and can cus­tom­ize your serv­er set­tings in the serv​er​.prop​er​ties file, to get star­ted set­ting up your serv­er you first need to run it so all the nessesary files and folders are cre­ated, to do this simply double click the forge jar file in your serv­ers dir­ect­ory.

After launch­ing the forge serv­er you will have to wait a few minutes while the serv­er sets everything up, once you get the mes­sage “You need to agree to the EULA in order to run the serv­er.” you can close the serv­er.

You will then need to open the eula.txt file in the serv­er dir­ect­ory and change the text value from false to true, then save and close.

Set­ting up the cli­ent


Installing forge

To install the cli­ent ver­sion of forge all we need to do is run the forge installer that we down­loaded in the pre­vi­ous steps and click the install cli­ent but­ton, the dir­ect­ory of Mine­craft should be selec­ted by default, if not you will need to select it then click ok.


Adding the Pixel­mon Mod to the cli­ent

We also need to install the Pixel­mon Mod to the cli­ent, its a sim­il­ar pro­cess to the serv­er except we are copy­ing it to the mods folder in the Mine­craft dir­ect­ory, to find the Mine­craft dir­ect­ory nav­ig­ate to C:Users[YOUR COMPUTER USERNAME]AppDataRoaming.Minecraft

If you can­not find the App­Data folder you will need to enable hid­den folders in the con­trol pan­el, to do this go to the start menu, click con­trol pan­el, then click folder options, go to the view tab and then click Show hid­den files, folders, and drives, Click ok and you should now be able to see the App­Data folder.

Sim­il­arly to the serv­er pro­ced­ure the mods folder may not exist and you may have to cre­ate it manu­ally, just go to new folder and name it mods.


Play Pixel­mon

Thats it, thats all the steps required to get star­ted play­ing Pixel­mon, just launch Mine­craft as usu­al, ensure you are play­ing on the forge pro­file, click play Mine­craft and you’re good to go! Enjoy.

  • Due to the resources required by Mine­craft as well as Pixel­mon it is recom­men­ded that you install the 64 bit ver­sion of Java which will allow you to alloc­ate more RAM to Mine­craft lead­ing to much less lag in game.
  • To make your own .bat file. Open a note­pad and type the fol­low­ing:

    For 64 bit OS and 64 bit installed Java:
    @Echo off
    “C:Program FilesJavajre7binjava.exe” ‑serv­er  ‑Xmx??m ‑Xms??m ‑jar “C:Minecraftminecraft.jar”

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