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How to install Word­Press Auto­mat­ic­ally using Zant­ast­icoX

Here is a good video on how to do it. Its straight for­ward and mostly auto­mat­ic.


And here is the pro­cess:

1. Install ZPan­el

For a tutori­al how to install ZPan­el using Linux OS, please fol­low: How to Install Zpan­el in Linux Serv­er

2. Install Zant­ast­ico X in ZPan­el

After ZPan­el installed, return to the ter­min­al and enter the com­mand

zppy repo add zppy update && && zppy install zantasticox

After the login into ZPan­el Dash­board, select Serv­er Admin on the left of the screen and select the Admin Mod­ule under­neath.

ZPanel WordPress 1

Then, scroll down to the bot­tom to find Mod­ule Zant­ast­ico X, then check the box for Admin­is­trat­or per­mis­sions and click Save Changes (shown below)

ZPanel WordPress 2

3. Install Word­Press

After Zant­ast­ico X installed per­fectly, click the Home Menu and select Domains> Domains, Domains page, enter the URL that will be our web­site address:

ZPanel WordPress 3

Now, cre­ate an FTP account. Select File Man­age­ment> FTP Accounts.
Enter the user­name and pass­word, etc. Make sure you select Cre­ate a new Home Dir­ect­ory (unless this user already has an account)

Now, we need a data­base. Select Data­base> MySQL Data­base.

Enter the name of a data base that we want, and then click Cre­ate

WordPress Zadmin 11

Then, we cre­ate a user for the data­base. Select Data­base> MySQL User.

Enter the user name you want, then select the data­base that has been cre­ated in the drop­down menu, then click cre­ate user. Note the user­name and pass­word because we will need in filling wp-con­fig.

ZPanel WordPress 4

Then click back Home menu at the top of the page, and select the column sec­tion Zant­ast­ico X Advance

WordPress ZPanel 5

In Zant­ast­ico X there are vari­ous mod­ules such as Drupal, Joomla, and Word­Press. Options can be determ­ined as needed, but this time we will choose Word­Press, then click install loc­ated on the right column of Word­Press.

ZPanel WordPress 6

We will be faced with a basic menu selec­tion for our Word­Press. Fill in accord­ance with what had been made earli­er. And click Install.

ZPanel WordPress 7

Once com­pleted, return to the web browser and type the address of Word­Press. Whoala!

WordPress ZPanel 10

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