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How to install Sen­t­ast­ico (Zant­ast­icoX replace­ment)

Let’s get star­ted! To setup my repos­it­ory on your sys­tem, open a ter­min­al win­dow and then enter:

zppy repo add
zppy update  << Dont forget this ;)

Now that you have that installed, it’s time to add one of my mod­ules! Big Grin



is an open-source pack­age install­a­tion tool which will  quickly and effort­lessly copy a wide range of open-source web scripts to  your cli­ents host­ing space and then re-dir­ect them to the installer to enable them to per­son­al­ize their setup! By using


you save time and  band­width by not need­ing to upload large web scripts to your cli­ents host­ing  space.

Tested on Win­dows, Cen­tOS 6.3 and Ubuntu 12.04 Big Grin


v20.1.1.0 — 02-13-2015
Cleaned up some code
Fixed some lay­out issues
Added sort­able columns
Added more pack­ages (Thanks to com­munity mem­ber rafaht)

Dir­ect down­load Link: http://​zppy​-repo​.mach​-host​ing​.com/​s​e​n​t​a​s​t​i​c​o​.​zpp
Do NOT use the auto-installer in Mod­ules Admin>Module Install!

You can also use Rust­us’ Repo Browser mod­ule to install #Sen­t­ast­ico.

To install Sen­t­ast­ico, (Recom­men­ded meth­od) type into your ter­min­al win­dow:

zppy install sentastico

If the file trans­fer is too slow, I sug­gest you use this meth­od:
(Also good for upgrad­ing also, just replace zppy install with zppy upgrade)

zppy repo remove
zppy repo add
zppy update
zppy install sentastico
zppy repo remove
zppy repo add
zppy update

Now nav­ig­ate to the Mod­ules Admin area and activ­ate


in the menu!
(Select all account types if you wish, mainly for resellers and users to help build their sites)

Go back Home and look under the Advanced sec­tion for the new Sen­t­ast­ico!! Big Grin

This pack­age has about 24 or so packs included.
How-to add more pack­ages: (SCROLL DOWN TO: Adding Pack­ages)

To upgrade Sen­t­ast­ico to cur­rent ver­sion, type into your ter­min­al win­dow:

zppy update
zppy upgrade sentastico

Cred­it where cred­it is due:
Ori­gin­al cod­ing and design by Bal­len (Zant­ast­ico) and Mudasir Mirza (Zant­ast­ico 3.0.2)
Pack­ages update 02/​13/​2015 by TGates — New pack­ages added by rafaht
File/​Folder per­mis­sions fix by Dur­andle

Post any com­ments, ques­tion or bugs in a NEW thread in these for­ums.

If you want to remove the ‘older’ Zant­ast­ico X, in a ter­min­al win­dow type in:

zppy remove zantasticox

Enjoy! ‑TGates

Dona­tions for any of my mod­ules or for­um help can be sent to sales(at)mach-hosting(dot)com Thanks!

To install a pack­age in a main domain/sub-domain folder: You will need to cre­ate a folder off a domain to unzip the files to then move those files into your domain/sub-domain folder. This is how it was ori­gin­ally coded to pre­vent mis­takenly installing more than one pack­age on the same domain or over-writ­ing an exist­ing install­a­tion! Then close the installer win­dow WITHOUT run­ning ‘Install’ and in you browser, nav­ig­ate to the domain/sub-domain you copied the files into and con­tin­ue with the install­a­tion. I plan on allow­ing it to install to just a domain/sub-domain folder with an ‘Are you sure?’ ques­tion in a future upgrade.

Adding Pack­ages:
To Install new pack­ages is very simple, just fol­low these steps:
Mak­ing pack­ages:

  1. Down­load whatever open-source pack­age you would like to add.
  2. Unzip the pack­age to your hard drive.
  3. Find the pack­ages ‘root’ folder (The main folder they tell you to upload to your host­ing space.)
  4. Go into that folder and ‘Select All’
  5. Next, ZIP up the entire con­tents of the folder giv­ing it a simple name with ver­sion num­ber like ‘MyB​B101​.zip’
  6. Upload the file to your /​panel/​modules/​sentastico/​packages/​ folder.

Adding pack­ages to Sen­t­ast­ico:

  1. You can use the default pack­age man­age­ment file ‘packages.xml’ (/panel/modules/sentastico/packages/packages.xml) But this file will get changed every time Sen­t­ast­ico is upgraded.
  2. You can cre­ate a ‘custom_packages.xml’ file and put your pack­ages in there(/panel/modules/sentastico/packages/custom_packages.xml) This file WILL NOT be over writ­ten when upgrad­ing Sen­t­ast­ico! (A bet­ter option if you have added many pack­ages of your own.)

When using option 2, (custom_packages.xml) just rename the file ‘custom_packages.bak’(/panel/modules/sentastico/packages/custom_packages.bak) to custom_packages.xml and fill in the appro­pri­ate area with your pack­age’s inform­a­tion. Pretty simple Smile

New in this release:
If the soft­ware pack­age uses cus­tom install­a­tion require­ments (dif­fer­ent path, etc.) you can spe­cify this inform­a­tion by adding sentastico_install.php file in the pack­age’s root folder and adding the inform­a­tion in there.
Example sentastico_install.php:


header('Location: install/index.php');


Com­mon issues dur­ing install­a­tion:

  1. The per­son installing Sen­t­ast­ico did NOT fol­low the install­a­tion steps prop­erly.
  2. For­got to activ­ate the mod­ule in the Mod­ule Admin area.
  3. If the above was done cor­rectly, you should not have any prob­lems.
  4. But if you should get an error like ‘This mod­ule is already installed!’ do the fol­low­ing:
  • If you have any cus­tom pack­ages installed, back up custom_packages.xml and your added pack­ages.
  • Open a ter­min­al win­dow (or com­mand prompt in Win­dows) and type in:
    zppy remove sen­t­ast­ico
  • and try the install­a­tion again.
  • If that still did­n’t work, open up phpmy­ad­min,  zpanel_core»x_modules (browse)»scroll down until you find  Sen­t­ast­ico (in the ‘mo_​name_​vc’ column)»delete it (the entire  entry)
  • Do ‘zppy install sen­t­ast­ico’ again.

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