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How to install Ajax­plorer File Man­ager on ZPan­el

What is Ajax­plorer?

Ajax­plorer is basic­ally an open source soft­ware that turns instantly any serv­er (on premise, NAS, cloud IaaS or PaaS) into a file shar­ing plat­form. But shortly describ­ing, Ajax­plorer is an altern­at­ive File Browser or File Man­ager soft­ware built with some Ajax cool effects. AjaX­plorer now becomes Pydio so the one we use here on zPan­el is not the latest ver­sion. How­ever it is free, cool and awe­some. It is really a great way to man­age all your files in your serv­er if you don’t prefer to use FTP.


The Steps to Install Ajax­plorer File Man­ager

Step 1 .Login to your serv­er as root.

Step 2. Go to /etc/zpan­el/pan­el/etc/zppy-cache and open repo.list. Remove all the user repos

Type This Com­mand :

zppy repo add zpan​el​.url​.ph/​r​epo

Step 3 – Now issue this com­mand to update the repo:

zppy update

step 4. Type This Com­mand :

zppy install ajax­plorer

step 5. Open Your Zpan­el Serv­er Then Login As Zad­min.
How to Install Ajaxplorer File Manager Module
step 6. Next, enable Ajax­plorer mod­ule for Admin­is­trat­or, Reseller and Cli­ent then hit the Save Changes but­ton.

How to Install Ajaxplorer File Manager Module

step 7. Before you test it, you bet­ter do some neces­sary checks. Now go to Putty /​ Ter­min­al win­dow again then issue this com­mand:

cd /​etc/​zpanel/​panel/​etc/​apps/​

chmod ‑R 777 ajaxplorer/​data

Then, you need to chown ‑R www-data:www-data wherever your ajaxplorer/​data dir­ect­ory is. If you installed it via zpan­el then it will be a sub­dir of that.

step 8. Go To ZPan­el Con­fig­ur­a­tion Page File > Ajax­plorer And Then Click­ing the Launch Ajax­plorer but­ton.
Install Ajaxplorer File Manager on ZPanel

- See more at: http://​izenio​.com/​h​o​w​-​t​o​-​i​n​s​t​a​l​l​-​a​j​a​x​p​l​o​r​e​r​-​f​i​l​e​-​m​a​n​a​g​e​r​-​o​n​-​z​p​a​n​e​l​-​s​t​e​p​-​b​y​-​s​t​e​p​.​h​t​m​l​#​s​t​h​a​s​h​.​G​K​9​Y​j​b​L​b​.​d​puf

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