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How to get over your GF leav­ing you in 3 weeks

  1. Prop­erly grieve. You need to grieve. Hard. Let your­self drown in your sor­rows. You dont need to under­stand why yet. But*
  2. Worry about your life now. About what you are going to do without her. Worry about where your life is going. Its import­ant that you do this.
  3. After about a week and a half you will have lost a bit of weight. You may have felt like throw­ing your­self off a bridge. But you havent. and you are tired of this shit. There is a bur­den on your chest and you feel it all day, and in your dreams. its good that you felt this. Now you will be able use this emo­tion to help you change.
    1. You may not have noticed, but you have been going through the stages of grief. Namely, deni­al, anger, bar­gain­ing, depres­sion and even­tu­ally accept­ance.
  4. Read Who Moved the Cheese. Pay mind to the fact that your life has changed. Now it is time to take advant­age of that change.
  5. Talk to your friends. Tell them how you feel.
  6. Find a new pro­ject. Maybe plan on a world trip. Maybe buy a motor­bike and rebuild it. Maybe join the UN. I dont care, just get a new pro­ject.
  7. Have grat­it­ude. Be thank­ful for your fam­ily and friends. Be thank­ful that you have tal­ent, gifts and (maybe) some money to back you. Be thank­ful for whatever you can, every­day.
  8. Accept that it is now in the past. Allow your mind to move on. Ima­gine your­self walk­ing back into the maze, to begin your next jour­ney. Yes it is sad that you have lost, but what can you do? This is nor­mal, it hap­pens to every­one. Now you need to get on the road and begin your next jour­ney. Its in the past now.
  9. Go and talk to some girls. Trust me. This works. Maybe go to a bar and just talk to them. Maybe it will go well, maybe it wont. Just trust me, as soon as you talk to a new girl youll for­get all about it.
  10. Finally, once you have got­ten to a good place. Write down some­thing to your ex. Write down that you have moved on, and that you are cap­able of being her friend. Then, when you are ready, ima­gine in your mind 10 years from now. You may or may not know her, but it does­nt mat­ter. You are not angry. You are not hurt­ing. Youre just sad. And thats okay.
  11. If you have trully got­ten to this pos­it­ive place, go and organ­ise a cof­fee meet­ing with her. Take con­trol of the situ­ation. Tell her youre not mad, and that you maybe under­stand why she did it. And tell her you can be friends. Trust me, she has been griev­ing just as much as you. Except youre the man, youre wear­ing the pants now, youre in con­trol. And youre ready to leave it in the past.
    1. * this depends on a lot of stuff.

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