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How to cre­ate a pil­low fort

Remove the cush­ions from all avail­able sofas and club chairs in your liv­ing and fam­ily rooms.

Choose one sofa to be the base wall for your fort. This will give your pil­low fort some sta­bil­ity.

Stand the sofa and chair cush­ions on end to cre­ate two walls: one off of each end of the sofa. You may need to use oth­er small pieces of liv­ing room fur­niture, such as otto­mans, foot­stools and magazine racks to help sup­port the cush­ions. Simply lean the cush­ion against the item for some added sup­port.

Cre­ate the last pil­low fort wall using any remain­ing cush­ions or a cof­fee table. Be sure to leave an open­ing for a door to your fort.

Cov­er the floor of your pil­low fort with one or two large blankets. This provides your kids with a soft sur­face to lie on and makes snack clean-up an easy task.

Place a din­ing room chair (or two, spaced evenly apart, if you have a large fort) in the cen­ter of your pil­low fort. The chair will act as a sup­port for your blanket roof.

Cov­er the entire fort with blankets. Use clothes­pins to attach the blankets to one anoth­er, cre­at­ing one large blanket roof.

Place throw pil­lows, books, dress-up clothes, flash­lights (for read­ing) and snacks inside the fort for your kids to enjoy.

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