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How to be indis­pens­able at work

1. Be The Expert On Some­thing.

This seems fairly obvi­ous, does­n’t it? If you can do what no one else can — or if, at least, you know more about some­thing than any­one else — you will be turned to as a so-called guru. The slight prob­lem with this is that experts can some­times end up like soap-opera act­ors. You can get eas­ily typecast as the wealthy drunk at the bar who’s wife has left him for a thrice-mar­ried girl­friend. Sud­denly, that’s all you ever are.

2. Make Your­self Known Through­out The Com­pany.

This expert sug­gest net­work­ing till you can do it no more. Oh, you’ve seen these people. They’re the ones who meth­od­ic­ally wander about the place mak­ing friends with every­one and try­ing to become unfor­get­table. Some­times, though, people see through this act and get bored of it. If you’re going to do this, be genu­ine. Hard to man­age, I know. Prob­ably impossible.

3. Make The Com­pany (More) Money.

Sug­gest a new ini­ti­at­ive that will increase the bot­tom line. Yes, it might get sev­er­al of your co-work­ers fired. But you don’t really care about them. You’re about you, your per­son­al habits and the bank account that’s sup­posed to fin­ance them. Sadly, I’ve seen this not work as well as might be expec­ted. I’ve seen people cre­ate won­der­ful ini­ti­at­ives, make the com­pany money and still get fired them­selves because, well, they just wer­en’t one of the in-people.

4. Be Enthu­si­ast­ic.

Oh, no. This one again. This expert explains that enthu­si­asm for your job allows you to be more cour­ageous. Is that neces­sar­ily true? Some­times, enthu­si­ast­ic people so love their jobs that they don’t see the reor­gan­iz­a­tion com­ing. They don’t see that oth­ers have manip­u­lated them­selves into indis­pens­able pos­i­tions while they, the enthu­si­ast­ic ones, are regarded as expend­able.

5. Be Con­stantly Vigil­ant.

Now this makes more sense. “Con­tinu­ally devel­op your skills, stay on top of your role and stay con­nec­ted to those around you,” sug­gests one fine expert who talked to the Mail. Well, yes. But it’s surely less import­ant to stay con­nec­ted to those around you and more import­ant to stay con­nec­ted to those who wield decisions. They can be quite bru­tal, self-serving types. Fickle, too.

6. Hold Your Head Up.

This appar­ently means that phys­ic­ally, men­tally and emo­tion­ally you must nev­er let your head drop. Which might be awk­ward if you’re duck­ing under a bar­ri­er on a con­struc­tion site. This fine expert, though, insists that: “When you enter your man­agers’ office, keep your head up, when you walk in at the begin­ning of the day and leave at the end of a day, head up.” This might, indeed, make a good impres­sion. It might also make some people think you’re a little stiff.

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