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How to be a bad Boss

Have you ever had a REALLY bad boss? Well I have. This indi­vidu­al drove every­body out and the com­pany had to close the region­al office, because every­one quit or was fired. I quit after being there for just 6 months; and, only days after being recog­nized as the region’s top new sales pro­fes­sion­al. I could­n’t take it any longer! This job was so bad that I don’t even list it on my resume or Linked­In pro­file. Noth­ing was done to fix the situ­ation, even after sev­er­al people com­plained to HR, and one indi­vidu­al recor­ded a meet­ing in which he was verbally assaul­ted and threatened. Here are some traits that my former man­ager exem­pli­fied that led to the shut­down of the office and the mass exodus of employ­ees.

Micro Man­age­ment

Nobody likes to be micro man­aged. Be a lead­er not a micro man­ager. Be someone that your employ­ees admire and want to work hard for. Do this by lead­ing by example with your work eth­ic, integ­rity, and by treat­ing people with respect. Do not con­stantly threaten people with their job. If this is your idea of coach­ing your team, then you should not be in man­age­ment. As the boss you should be the teach­er and find ways to help people improve. Man­aging by fear will make your employ­ees resent you and the com­pany. The first chance they get they will jump ship. My old boss locked the back door, so we had to pass by his office every time we left the office so he could keep tabs on us.

Cre­ate Office Polit­ics

This man­ager pit­ted his people against one anoth­er. He told one per­son one thing that someone said and then told the oth­er per­son the same thing. Office polit­ics kill mor­ale and as the man­ager you should be doing things to pre­vent it not per­petu­ate it. Don’t be vin­dict­ive. Cre­ate a pos­it­ive envir­on­ment where people want to come to every­day.

Lie and Be Unpro­fes­sion­al to Cus­tom­ers

I caught this indi­vidu­al lying to cus­tom­ers on more than one occa­sion. Addi­tion­ally, in a meet­ing with a CFO of a loc­al com­pany, he was so mean and rude that she actu­ally threw the quote across the table at him. Then she kicked us out of her office, said she would NEVER do busi­ness with us, and told us to not come back. Yes, this was the low point of my career. It was truly an out of body exper­i­ence.

Air Your Dirty Laun­dry at the Office

My former man­ager was always telling us about the drama that was hap­pen­ing at his house between him and his wife. Ima­gine that, his wife did­n’t like him either. It made every­one uncom­fort­able and resent him even more.

Gripe About Your Employ­ees Work­ing Hard if You Are Not Your­self

We caught him watch­ing You­Tube videos all the time in his office. Then he would take every chance he could get to tell us all how worth­less we all were and that we wer­en’t work­ing hard enough.

Abras­ive Com­mu­nic­a­tion

He used to curse dur­ing meet­ings at employ­ees and use pub­lic humi­li­ation to put people down. Again, do this and your employ­ees will quit.


Nobody likes someone that is a know it all and can do no wrong. Don’t take all the cred­it when things go right and then be the first to pass blame when things go wrong.

Have you ever had that pit in your stom­ach devel­op on Sunday just from the thought that Monday is only a day away; and, you know you have to go back to work? Well, I am glad I don’t have it any­more! That place is my rear view mir­ror. If your man­ager exem­pli­fies some of these traits, maybe just anonym­ously drop a copy of this art­icle on his or her desk.

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