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Check­list on clean­ing the carbs

1 Make your­self a clean work­space
2 Loosen the over­flow fuel screw and/​or the drain screw. check that there is no fuel left in the fuel bowl.
3 Take off screws on the bot­tom of the fuel bowl
4 Wipe out fuel bowl with paper tow­el
5 Inspect fuel bowl floats. Is there any fuel in the floats? If so, replace.
6 Inspect the pilot and main jet
7 Inspect air screw (on the out­side)
8 Take out the float assembly (push out the pin) (be care­ful that the spring and needle STAY TOGETHER)
9 Take out main jet with flat head screw driver
10 Look through it, can you see light? clean it with com­pressed air or wire
11 Take out the pilot jet
12 Clean it. Clear with com­pressed air.
13 Take out the air screw. MAKE SURE you check how many turns exist at the cur­rent set­ting to fully in
14 With everything out, use carb clean­er to clean everything
15 Put the air screw in. You have to cal­ib­rate it cor­rectly. To do this, screw it in fully. then go back the noted turns.
16 Put both jets back in
17 Put floats back in. Make sure the needle is CLEAN. Make sure that the floats sit LEVEL. If not, bend the brack­et appro­pri­ately.
18 Put fuel bowl back on
19 Tight­en the drain screw in the fuel bowl (oth­er­wise you will lose all your fuel)
20 Put everything back togeth­er
21 Release the drain screw so that you bleed some gas through
22 Tight­en again, and then START THE BIKE


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