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Build­ing a NetS­caler VPX on Microsoft Win­dows Serv­er 2012 R2 /​ Hyper‑V

At the moment I’m wast­ing my time set­ting up a per­son­al lab envir­on­ment on Microsoft Win­dows Serv­er 2012 R2 (Hyper‑V ofcourse). One of my mis­sions was to setup a NetS­caler ADC Developer edi­tion. I had how­ever some strange prob­lems set­ting up, so it looked like a good idea to share them.

First of all a little about the NetS­caler Developer VPX. It’s a fully func­tion­al 1MB Plat­in­um edi­tion. Great for test­ing pur­poses and maybe even a (very) small XenApp/​XenDesktop envir­on­ment. You can use all fea­tures with a max­im­um of 5 NetS­caler Gate­way users. Thanks Cit­rix, great VPX! Now the setup.

You can down­load the VPX and the VPX license from this loc­a­tion. You do need a MyCit­rix account. In my case I ofcourse down­loaded the NetS­caler VPX for Hyper‑V 9.2 Build 48.6015.e. You can down­load the license from the same loc­a­tion, but we’ll cov­er that later. Now the fun part.

The first thing you will encounter is that you can­not import the machine in Hyper‑V. I at least was not able to do it and I tried (I think) everything. How I solved this was to extract the Vir­tu­al Disk (.vhd file) from the archive you down­loaded. Just copy the file into the folder you use for your Vir­tu­al Disks. Now fire up Hyper‑V and cre­ate a new VM.

Con­nect to your vir­tu­al switch

Con­fig­ure 4096MB memory (else your NetS­caler VPX will not start)

Con­fig­ure the copied vDisk. Then fire up your NetS­caler and get a fatal error that makes you scratch your head.


Fatal trap 30: reserved (uknon­wn) fault while in ker­nel mode
cupid = 0; apic id = 00
Stopped ad write_kbd_command+0x31: movl $0x1,%rdx

This strange error occurs because of a pack­aging prob­lem (if I must believe what I’ve read online). Because you can­not suc­ces­fully import your Vir­tu­al Machine into Hyper‑V the VM set­tings are not prop­erly con­figured.

You did set the memory in the steps before. You did not con­fig­ure your vCPU’s. You need to shut­down your VPX. Con­fig­ure the vCPU’s to 2 and then start your NetS­caler VPX. The error will be gone. Now you can actu­ally start con­fig­ur­ing.


Con­fig­ure your ini­tial IP data and reboot your VPX. The rest of the steps can be eas­ily done through the GUI.


For your developer license you need to determ­ine your host­id.


Aquire a license key in the down­load sec­tion of the NetS­caler Developer again on this page. Copy the key and con­tin­ue to your MyCit­rix account. Click Activ­ate and Alloc­ate. Then select the link that you don’t see the product. Enter your license key and make sure you alloc­ate the license file with the host­id (case sens­it­ive). Down­load the license file. You can also down­load the latest nCore firm­ware release.

Just use the upgrade wiz­ard to setup wiz­ard to install your license and use the upgrade wiz­ard to upgrade your NetS­caler VPX.



NetS­caler SFTP Error

The last strange error I encountered was a SFTP Error: Net­work Com­mu­nic­a­tion error upload­ing the license file. Dur­ing troubleshoot­ing I noticed the NetS­caler wasn’t listen­ing on port 22/​SSH. When try­ing to start the SSH Dae­mon with the /​usr/​sbin/​sshd ‑f /​etc/​sshd_​config com­mand I got strange errors say­ing: Could not load host key: /​nsconfig/​ssh/​ssh_​host_​rsa_​key | Could not load host key: /​nsconfig/​ssh/​ssh_​host_​dsa_​key. I tried re-gen­er­at­ing the files with ssh-key­gen. Checked per­mis­sions. In the end I just emp­tied the /​nsconfig/​ssh dir­ect­ory and rebooted my VPX. Then the prob­lem was solved and I could upload my license too. I could not repro­duce this error in my second deploy­ment so it can be a one time thingy.

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