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Basic ZPan­el setup after ini­tial install

So lets say you’ve installed zPan­el already, a fresh install on your VPS. So, what next to do? In this part of my seri­al zPan­el art­icles I will tell you some basic yet essen­tial con­fig­ur­a­tions for your shinny new Con­trol Pan­el, the zPan­el CP. How­ever if you did not installed zPan­el yet, simple refer to my pre­vi­ous guide on how to install it on Cen­tOS VPS.


At first, you must cus­tom­ize your account accord­ing your need. The fact that default gen­er­ated zad­min pass­word is very strong but also very hard to remem­ber, so it is a good prac­tice to change that to some­thing you easy to remem­ber but don’t for­get to keep it strong and unpre­dict­able.

Go to Account Inform­a­tion » Change Pass­word

change passwords

Then enter your cur­rent pass­word, new pass­word and repeat the new one. Finally hit that Changebut­ton.

change password zpanel

Next, go to Account Inform­a­tion » My Account page. From there you can enter your account details, change the default ones with yours. The most import­ant part here is your Email Address.

change details


Go to Serv­er Admin » zPan­el Con­fig. This part is very import­ant because changes made there affect the entire ZPan­el con­fig­ur­a­tion. Make sure you’ve please doubled check everything before sav­ing changes there.

zpanel config

What should you change?

1. The From Address sec­tion. Change zpanel@localhost to your email address or your cus­tom email address. This is the email address to appear in the From field of emails sent by your ZPan­el VPS.

2. The From Name sec­tion. Pretty explan­at­ory. This is the name to appear in the From field of emails sent by ZPan­el.

email server

That’s it and now hit the Save Changes but­ton. There are many oth­er options you can change there but I don’t explain here because without alter­ing oth­er set­tings in that page your serv­er will still run nice. Except if you want some advanced beha­vi­or like using SMTP instead of PHP Mail meth­od.


There is a noti­fic­a­tion mes­sage dis­played in top say­ing “Wel­come to your new ZPan­el install­a­tion! You can remove this mes­sage from the Cli­ent Notice Man­ager mod­ule. This mod­ule allows you to noti­fy your cli­ents of ser­vice out­ages, upgrades and new fea­tures etc“.

I am sure you wish to remove that. Go to Reseller » Cli­ent Notice Man­ager.


Simply remove what already there and hit the Save Changes but­ton. For your inform­a­tion, this part can be use­ful if your serv­er is host­ing some cli­ents there.


Think zPan­el CP as WHM/​cPanel. It also fea­tures Pack­age man­ager where admin­is­trat­or can add, edit and delete host­ing pack­ages. A host­ing pack­age is the part where you can con­fig­ure how much disk space, band­width quota, ftp accounts, email accounts, num­ber of domains and sub-domains, etc. The pack­ages are rel­ev­ant to host­ing plans you can offer to your poten­tial cli­ents.

Go to Reseller » Pack­age Man­ager.

package manager

Are set­tings there are pretty explan­at­ory and I believe you can under­stand it all eas­ily. How­ever, the most import­ant thing here –espe­cially if you use your serv­er per­son­ally– is to change default Admin­is­tra­tion pack­age, the pack­age assigned to you as zad­min.

Go ahead click the Edit but­ton for Admin­is­tra­tion pack­age and change each sec­tion to the value you wish, e.g: No. Domains, Sub-domains, Mail­boxes, FTP accounts, MYSQL Data­bases, Disk space quota and band­width quota. Once done, hit the Save but­ton.

edit package in zpanel

If you want to host cli­ents, you can simply cre­ate new pack­age.

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