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17 days in Japan — Our Itin­er­ary

Day Date Where we are What we do How much will it cost
1 18th Sap­poro  http://​www​.japan​-guide​.com/​e​/​e​2​2​6​2​_​r​e​s​o​r​t​.​h​tml
2 19th Sap­poro
3 20th Sap­poro
4 21st Sap­poro
5 22nd Tokyo
6 23rd Tokyo
7 24th Tokyo
8 25th Mt Fugi
9 26th Mt Fugi
10 27th Mt Fugi
11 28th 7 days travel
12 29th 7 days travel
13 30th 7 days travel
14 1st 7 days travel
15 2nd 7 days travel
16 3rd 7 days travel
17 4th 7 days travel
18 5th Trav­el­ling to tokyo

Oth­er Costs

Dis­ney­land is NZ$60 for an even­ing, NZ$75 for a day, NZ$130 for two days, NZ$167 for three days, NZ$194 for four days

- Travel by bul­let train will cost NZ$342 but if we spread the travel over two weeks it’ll cost NZ$545. (http://​www​.japan​rail​pass​.net/​e​n​g​/​e​n​0​0​3​.​h​tml)

7 Day Travel Sec­tion

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